AROKIS Society 2014 AGM

April 19, 2014

Arokis Centre of Music Society

Notice of AGM (View as PDF)

About the 2014 AGM:

The 2014 Arokis AGM will be held on Saturday May 3, 2014 at the hall at St. Augustines Anglican Church (8680 Hudson Street, Vancouver, BC).

We will have the same format as in prior years where both Impressions and Urbana will come together  and perform a short half-hour set for each other. The formal AGM will then commence immediately thereafter.


9:30 am – arrival and set up. Coin toss to decide which band plays first.

9:45-10:15 – 1st band plays

10:30-11:00 – 2nd band plays

11:15-12-15 – Arokis AGM

Proposed Budget

The proposed budget for 2014-15 and the financial report for 2014-15 will be provided shortly. The budget proposes no change to member dues from the prior year and assumes the receipt of gaming funds as in prior years.

Members Input

The AGM is the best opportunity for any member to bring forward suggestions or proposals about how we can improve the functioning of the society and further promote the goals and objectives of the Society. If any member has proposals, suggestions, or issues they would like raised at the AGM, please notify the Board in advance of the AGM. Your comments are welcome. Also, if you would like to join the Board, please put your name forward.

Contact information for current Board Members:

Don Fraser –
Daryl Fieber –
Tim Kelly –
Henry Rutgers –
Jerry Silver –

New Website

The Board is very pleased with the Society’s new website, If you haven’t had the chance to fully explore it yet, please do so. Our intention is that the website will be a great way to promote the society and each bands performances. In addition, the members section will become a central online meeting place for members where you can look up rehearsal and performance dates, get in touch with other members, find sub lists, and let people know about your other music projects. Thanks to Stacey Sikora for her help in designing the website, and thanks to Jerry Silver for his help in getting the new website launched. Also, thanks to Richard Freeman for providing hosting for the site. Lucas da Silva and Jerry also manage the Society’s Facebook page.

New Business 

One item of business that the Board wishes to refer to the membership for discussion is the use of occasional paid guest performers.  We would like member feedback on an appropriate policy for the use of paid guest performers. While the opportunity to rehearse and perform with a paid guest performer would enhance the musical development of the band, the concern is that there would be a conflict with certain members of the bands who are professional musicians and who are not paid to play with their band. There might also be opportunities to do work shops with guest performers.

Henry Rutgers
Board Member
Arokis Centre of Music Society


AROKIS 2014 AGM Agenda
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Arokis 2014 Notice of AGM
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