Gig Promotion

Gig Promotion

Here are some tips on promoting your next gig.  If you have anything to add, please feel free to add it in the comments.

General Promotion

For every gig, the following steps are recommended:
  • Blog on our site.  We want to drive traffic to this site, so all other material we post or print needs to contain a link to the blog.  The blog should have a detailed description of the gig and any background information that will help to encourage attendance.
  • Create a Facebook event, and make sure it’s public.  Then invite your friends and (VERY IMPORTANT) share the event to relevant Facebook groups (see below).  Add a link to the event on the blog post (see example code below).  We also want to encourage everyone in the band to indicate that they are attending the event and to invite/share with their friends.  TIP: Take advantage of the Copy Event feature to save yourself lots of time by duplicating the information and invitations from an existing event.  Note that you must create the event as an individual (not as the Arokis page or another page) to carry over invitations.  When the event is created, use the Add to Page feature to post it to the Arokis Facebook page.
  • Facebook ads have proven to be very effective.  For a cost equivalent to 2-3 paid admissions ($30 – $40), we can run a ad for a month.    Before creating an ad, look at reports from previous ads to determine how the ad was set up.
  • Posts on other event sites (optional, usually only for bigger events like the Library and our big fundraiser).  The method of posting differs – some have online forms, others ask for an email.  See list below.
  • Artwork and Blurb: Depending on the event and the promotion channel, we need different types of promotion material.  We don’t need the full list for every event.  See this Dropbox folder for samples.  Use a layout program like Microsoft Publisher, InDesign, Word, or Google Documents instead of an image editor like PhotoShop.  The layout program will let you easily repurpose the graphics for different formats and channels.  (an image editor can still be used to resize graphics that are created in the layout program).
    • Event Title and Description
    • A slider image for the Web site home page  1140×200 pixels
    •  An image for the Facebook event – see for the ever changing recommendations
    • A large ad/poster for print and for event sites that can take a large image (including our own blog) – usually 8.5 x 11 inches (for print – standard paper size, 2 sided gloss, 80lb ), or 1500px x 2100px when converted into an image. The poster can also be used for the flyer and e-ticket images on Ticketzone.  NOTE: when ordering from Staples, choose the 1-3 day option (they call it their “Complete Solution”) vs. same day pickup – it’s much cheaper.
    • A small Web ad/poster for event sites 300 x 300 pixels
    • A featured image for Ticketzone (if selling online tickets) 2000 x 2000 pixels
  • Printed Tickets: is the best source for ticket printing.  Typically, we order 300 (minimum quantity) of their “classic” tickets.  Cost is around $40, plus shipping charges of around $19.  Ordering is a simple process that only takes a few minutes.  For the image used on the ticket, simply upload the large Web ad/poster.  Myzone will provide you with a proof of the ticket before processing the order.
  • is the best source for online tickets, if we need them.  We will typically use their Base Service, which charges 2.50 % + C$ 0.99 per ticket sold, with a maximum fee of $19.95.  Before you publish your event on Ticketzone, preview it by clicking on the Go To Event button on any of the event design pages. To preview the downloadable ticket, create a ticket type with a $0 price, then buy the ticket.  After previewing the downloadable ticket, click the settings icon on the $0 ticket type and hide the ticket type before publishing the event.  Ticketzone offers a free iOS app for scanning tickets at the event. You should also create a custom URL for the event to include on promotional material.

Example Code for the link to a Facebook event

----------------------Switch to the Text tab and copy from here----------------------
-------------------To Here-------------------------------------------

Switch to the Text tab in Edit mode for this page to copy the code.  Paste it into a new post and change the event number to point to a new event.

Event Sites/Listings (* = Strongly Recommended)

Facebook Groups/Pages

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