PayPal FAQ

In September 2017, we started accepting PayPal for donations to the Society. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our use of PayPal:

Q: Why did we decide to start accepting online donations?
A: Online donations are far more convenient for our members and they simplify record keeping. In addition, online donations make it easier for non-members to support the Society.

Q; Where do I go to donate?
A: Visit and click the Donate button on the top banner, or go directly to You can also click the Donate button on our Facebook page.

Q: Can I use a credit card to pay?
A: Yes, PayPal gives you the option of using a credit card, Visa debit card, direct debit from your bank account, or withdrawal from your PayPal account.

Q: I don’t have a PayPal account. Do I have to join PayPal to donate online?
A: No, a PayPal account is not required. You can enter in your credit card information each time you donate. But there are lots of good reasons for you to sign up with PayPal – see below.

Q: Will I still be able to make donations via cheque or cash?
A: Yes, although it is much more convenient for everyone when you pay online. It’s easier for us to track the donations and to issue official receipts, and it saves on trips to the bank to make deposits.

Q: When will I get a receipt for my donation?
A: When you donate with PayPal, you’ll automatically receive a PayPal receipt via email (this is also a helpful way to remind yourself of payments you’ve previously made). However, this PayPal confirmation is not an official receipt for tax purposes. We will issue official tax receipts early in each calendar for donations received during the previous calendar year. You’ll receive the receipt by email.

Q: Are there any extra fees for paying with PayPal?
A: You will not be charged a fee for making your donation with PayPal. However, the Society is charged 3.2% for all payments we receive. The Arokis Board considers this to be a minor expense, and we expect it will be offset by our ability to more easily accept donations from our adoring public.

Q: What are the advantages of having a PayPal account?
A: Although nothing is completely risk free, PayPal has the resources to invest more in security and consumer protection than most retailers and financial institutions. In fact, using PayPal is probably safer than directly paying online merchants. PayPal provides an extra layer of protection by letting you store your credit card numbers and banking information in one secure place, vs. giving that information to multiple online vendors. When your credit card expires, or is lost or stolen, you only have to update PayPal, avoiding those embarrassing “transaction declined” messages because a merchant still has your expired card number on file (sadly, though, not all merchants accept PayPal).

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